Museum Access Program Expands… But More for Some than for Others

This morning, Mayor Miller and City Librarian Jane Pyper announced an expansion of the Museum & Arts Pass program. Initially... Read More

More on David Mirvish Books

More info on the closing of David Mirvish Books in an email from Eleanor Johnston, the store’s manager: “I think the most... Read More

Fun with Photoshop, But Not the Way You Think

News: David Mirvish Books to Close

Sad News: David Mirvish Books on Art, a Toronto art-and-lit institution (with a Frank Stella painting to boot) told employees earlier... Read More

The Call of the (Art) Mall

Whenever I visit my dad in South Florida, we go to the Aventura Mall. It’s a long story, but basically my dad loves shopping... Read More

Eating in Toronto 1830-1955 exhibit at Reference Library

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Some Good Art Shows for the Geographically Inclined

There’s always good art showing in Toronto–even art for the map-obsessed. But this is a particularly good part of the fall... Read More

NUIT BLANCHE: Open call for Yeahs & Nahs

So according to Toronto Special Events almost a million folks apparently took in Nuit Blanche last night. At first to me that seemed a... Read More

ROM quietly raises admission prices… again

I was at the Royal Ontario Museum earlier today for a media view and was shocked to see that the admission price has quietly risen 10... Read More

Frenemies: Not Just for The Hills Anymore

Ah, passive-aggression. It’s the preferred conflict style of many an introverted arty type, myself admittedly included. Despite... Read More