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Fun with Photoshop, But Not the Way You Think

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Pasting onto public advertising to create graffiti is nothing new. But an anonymous Berlin resident seems to have put a new spin on the genre with “Don’t Forget…”, a series of interventions where a Photoshop palette has been placed on posters featuring Britney Spears, Leona Lewis, Christina Aguilera and other oft-airbrushed ladies. And though we may all find in time that
“Don’t Forget” is yet another corporate-flavoured elaboration of the Dove “Real Beauty” campaign, I’m enjoying its pointed, anti-perfectionist approach right now.
Image from “Don’t forget…” Flickr set



  1. I wouldn’t even be surprised if the software company is behind the PR.

  2. Yeah…. Maybe the only thing that prevents me from thinking about is how proprietary they are about their own stuff… would be opening a pretty big door for them to use the ads of others.

  3. Hello;
    very nice site layout. I believe what Michael said about whos behind the pr. Thanks.