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Spacing Saturday: the magazine launches first national issue

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This weekend’s Spacing Saturday is a special one: we focus on the magazine’s first national issue that is set to hit newsstands on Monday.

While the look and feel of the magazine is no different than the local Toronto edition, the content has expanded to look at the joys, obstacles, and politics affecting all of Canada’s large urban centres. Articles touch on topics like street performing in Victoria, Calgary’s plans to support its arts community, how Ottawa’s marathon is becoming more urban, and why the seasonal pedestrian mall on rue Ste.-Catherines has been a boon for local businesses.

We even created four regional covers for Toronto, Ottawa, Montreal, and Vancouver (see the slideshow above).

The magazine is being launched on Tuesday in Toronto at the Design Exchange. All across Canada, starting this Monday, you’ll be able to pick up an copy of the issue at all of our regular stores plus 85 new locations: every Chapter’s/Indigo store across the country.

To celebrate this special issue, Spacing is hitting the road and hosting a series of events in 10 cities across the country — called the Spacing Road Show — in June and July. Hopefully you can catch us in Vancouver, Edmonton, Calgary, Saskatoon, Regina, Winnipeg, Toronto, Ottawa, Montreal, and Halifax. Keep an eye on our blogs, Facebook page and Twitter account to learn more about these parties.

Check out the web page to find out about the articles and features in this special national issue.

This special edition of Spacing is the biggest to date (112 pages!). It is jammed packed with insightful features on Canada’s unique brand of urbanism. Here is a a quick look at some of the features you’ll find inside:

TOP 100 PUBLIC SPACES IN CANADIAN CITIES: We gathered 135 people (architects, designers, urban affairs writers, and Spacing readers) from across the country to vote on the best public spaces in their cities. The 100 spaces from 15 urban regions across Canada are profiled in a 25-page cover feature.

TICKET TO RIDE: Spacing senior editor John Lorinc examines why Canada has yet to form a national public transit strategy. Calgary mayor Naheed Nenshi weighs in on the topic as does former Toronto mayor David Miller.

THE FANTASTIC FOUR: While cynicism towards politicians is common, we uncover four great civic leaders from Edmonton, Toronto, Ottawa, and Montreal making a difference in their communities.

CONCRETE CANADIANA: Spacing senior editor Shawn Micallef explores the Canadian identity and why cities seem to play such a small role in defining who we are as a nation.

WHITE ELEPHANT SYNDROME: Can a huge complex help or hinder the development and vibe or an area? Adam Proteau of The Hockey News looks at a handful of Canadian cities — Edmonton, Hamilton, and Quebec City — that are considering whether to pay to build shrines for professional sports teams.

HOW THE WEST IS BEING URBANIZED: Spacing contributing editor Evan Thornton looks to the Prairie cities of Saskatoon, Regina, and Winnipeg to see how a unique brand of urbanism is taking shape on the streets of these wind-swept cities.