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Canadian Urbanism Uncovered

July 7, 2011 Headlines

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• Architect douses Little Mountain tower rumour [Vancouver Courier]
• Mayors propose gas tax to fund transit line [Globe and Mail]
• Crosscheck: Counting carbon in B.C. [Globe and Mail]
• Tsawwassen’s ‘hidden jewel’ of Centennial Beach gets polishing [Vancouver Sun]
• You tell me: Where is Metro Vancouver’s best beer patio? [Vancouver Sun]
• 270 square feet of home sweet home? That’s life in Vancouver [The Toronto Star]

• City and Suburban Crime Trends in Metropolitan America [The Brookings Institution]
• Women, Uneasy, Still Lag as Cyclists in New York City [The New York Times]
• Department of City Planning Continues to Restrict Development Near Transit [Streetsblog]
• Signal Space [Urban Omnibus]
• Fietsen Van Amsterdam – Bikes of Amsterdam [Preservation Institute Blog]
• The environmentalists’ case for the waterfront tunnel [Crosscut]
• Jump Cut: Thoughts on Editing [Places: Design Observer]