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Canadian Urbanism Uncovered

July 21, 2011 Headlines

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• A Friendly Invasion from Spacing [The Tyee]
• Historic rock garden in Stanley Park gets recognition [Vancouver Courier]
• Mayor’s wild green plan will cripple city, citizens [Vancouver Courier]
• Crosscheck: The greenest province? [Globe and Mail]
• Former B.C. mayor honoured over efforts for Japanese Canadians [Globe and Mail]
• Ghostly signs of Vancouver’s fading history [OpenFile]
• Good News from City Hall [Price Tags]

• TTC operations are next stop on city’s cost-cutting route [Globe and Mail]

• City gets street smart [New York Post]
• To Curb Driving, Cities Cut Down on Car Parking [National Geographic]
• What Happens When You Put a Coffee Table at a Bus Stop? [GOOD Magazine]
• On Biking, Why Can’t the U.S. Learn Lessons from Europe? [Yale Environment 360]


  1. The opinion piece from the Vancouver Courier about the Greenest City Action Plan is completely negative and reactionary. Why don’t you provide some meaningful coverage, or at least a link with some useful reporting on it instead of that claptrap.

  2. Hi Randall,

    Thank you for your comment. The Headlines we provide are simply links to current pieces from a number of different sources pertaining to urban landscape related issues. As such, we do our best get a number of different perspectives – “good”, “bad” and everywhere in between. We definitely don’t pretend to agree with every link we create, and actually think that is one of the strengths of the Headlines initiative – to give readers an idea of what is being said and how it’s being discussed (intelligently or not).

    So, we’re sorry to have offended you by our choice of link, but if – perhaps- at the end of the day you’ve come out of the experience discounting Mark Hasiuk’s article as completely negative and reactionary (and one could easily argue “uninformed”, “ignorant”, and “myopic” in its own right)….well then, maybe its inclusion was worthwhile.

    Thanks again,