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Canadian Urbanism Uncovered

July 26, 2011 Headlines

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• The 2011 CUTA BC Youth Summit is looking for volunteers! [The Buzzer Blog]
• New housing project opens in Downtown Eastside [Vancouver Courier]
• Incinerator plan has Metro Vancouver politicians feeling ‘sabotaged [Globe and Mail]
• After smoke from Vancouver fireworks clears, a profit possible this year [Globe and Mail]
• The future of local? [Open File]
• Vancouver’s housing plan to include rent banks, limits on profits [Vancouver Sun]

• Inviting Them In: Using Story as a Planning Tool [Planning Commissioners Journal]
• Could cities’ problems be solved by urban acupuncture? [The Guardian U.K.]
• Hong Kong Faces Renewed Pressure Over Its Housing Fatal Tenement Fire Highlights Dire Conditions as High Costs Force City’s Poor [The Wall St. Journal]
• Implausible Futures for Unpopular Places [Places: Design Observer]