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Canadian Urbanism Uncovered

Spacing Saturday: Robson Street, Water Politics and Regent Park

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Spacing Saturday highlights posts from across Spacing’s blog network in Vancouver, Toronto, Montreal, Ottawa, and the Atlantic region.

Allanah Heffez tells the story of how the development of Montreal’s public water works helped to extend the municipal vote to renters, connecting the private home to the public sphere and paving the way for urbanization.

With street food rapidly growing in popularity and trendiness across North America Jonathan Lapalme gives a background into the uneven landscape of street food tolerance while exploring why it largely remains illegal.

With High Park’s fantastic, labrynth-like play ground in ruins following a recent incident of arson, Emma Feltes shares the story of how the playground brought the community together, acted as a hub and is inspiring a new collective spirit in the drive to rebuild.

As the redevelopment of Canada’s largest public housing project continues at a remarkable pace, My City Lives brings a video previewing the exciting new Regent Park Arts & Cultural Centre opening this Fall.

Alexandre Laquerre shows the striking transition from a tight urban block to the Garden of the Provinces over a 100 year period in the heart of the nation’s capital.

Kathleen Corey presents a plan to address the lack of places to sit on busy Robson Street that builds on the area’s traffic calming mini-parks, drawing inspiration from abroad to create an exciting and much needed new public space.

Patrick Condon presents the final instalment in a series of collaborative student work on the future sustainability of Vancouver, summarizing the group’s push for new connections, good jobs and affordable places to live.


Photograph by: Steve Hoang