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New CoV pedestrian- and bike-related council reports released

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A couple of interesting Vancouver city council reports are now publicly posted. The first one is a pedestrian safety study and action plan that is going to council next week –
Here are a few significant stats from the report:
  • 82% of car/pedestrian collisions in Vancouver the pedestrian had the right of way
  • Vancouver has 2nd highest walking mode share of peer cities, next to Boston
  • Vancouver is fourth lowest in pedestrian fatalities, behind only ottawa, boston, and stockholm
  • study finds pedestrian injuries cost society $127 million a yea
The second report pertains to $3 million to be invested this year on upgrading bike/pedestrian facilities in Vancouver, including several in south Vancouver and near Langara.  There are also talks about future potential bike/pedestrian routes, including Point Grey Road and Commercial Drive. Here is the report –