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  1. The thing about the whole helmet law (and Bixi in context) is that the city is utterly hypocritical on the whole issue.

    They want the bike share, they already KNOW that it will fail with the helmet law in place, yet they don’t even seem to want to strike their own by-law down that can give you a $100 fine.

    Simply put: Robertson and friends want it both ways. They want the Province to move first so that Victoria takes the heat from the press while talking all pro-bike share out of their other side.

    With the media so rabid anti-bike though I would wish that Robertson would show some guts, but then again, he caved for a lousy compromise on Burrard Bridge as well.

    I don’t belief for one second that either him or anybody in his administration, not to even mention Victoria, is honestly interested in dealing with this in a scientific, non-emotional way. All levels of Government have hung themselves way too far out of the window on the side of pro-helmet law to realistically reversing position on this one.

    So, bike share will fail, rider ship will continue to suffer and the media will continue to scream at cyclists.

  2. Geez I hope we don’t get the Bixi system here.  There is no gears on them and they are kind of useless on hills because of this.  I would like to see a better bike for our share system.  I do believe we will get past this helmet conundrum by keeping on demanding that we make these decisions by using evidence based data as indeed we should be using for all of our decisions.

  3. The BIXI bikes are supposed to have 7 gears.