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Video Vancouver: The Costs of Motordom

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Video Vancouver

Local transportation policy wonk Matt Taylor recently published a video  looking at growth and mobility in Metro Vancouver.  While the title and Matt’s straight-laced voiceover may come across as dry, the video delivers a compelling analysis critique of the current state—and future implications—of our region’s transportation policy.

By the Numbers

Here are a few noteworthy facts contained in this information dense video:

  • Expected population growth (2014-2044): 1.1 million people.
  • Number of new Metroplaces (Burnaby 46-storey tower for 730 people): 1,500 equivalents, or 50 more every year.
  • Number of additional vehicles by 2044 at current vehicle ownership rates: 730,000.
  • Length of new lane kilometres needed to park these additional vehicles (at 200 vehicles per lane km): 3,700 kilometres – from Horseshoe Bay to Sault St. Marie.
  • Number of new parking spaces required (3 spaces per vehicle: home, work and all other): 2.2 million.
  • Space needed for parking: 66 square kilometres (1.5 times the area of Bowen Island, or 1/2 the are of Richmond).
  • Cost of underground parking: $90 billion (@ $40,000 per space).
  • Expo line equivalent (26,000 passengers per hour per direction): 26 lanes of freeway.

If you enjoyed this video, be sure to also check Matt’s other video: What would Commercial Drive look like with Surrey parking standards?

Video link—and inspiration for the title—via Pricetags.