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Canadian Urbanism Uncovered

Vancouver’s Urbanism Headlines: Friday

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• Activists decry lack of affordable rooms in Vancouver [Globe and Mail]
• Defection poses challenge to mayor [Globe and Mail]
• MLA Harry Bains says Surrey city politics remind him of 2005 [Georgia Straight]
• Ideological differences underlie Coun. Barinder Rasode’s decision to leave Surrey First [Georgia Straight]
• Dianne Watts: “Saddened and disappointed” by Rasode’s actions, “will not engage in electioneering” [State of Vancouver]
• Surrey councillor Barinder Rasode quits Dianne Watts’ party, says “systemic failure” at city hall [State of Vancouver]
• Adriane Carr wants public to vote on Vancouver’s captive dolphins and whales [Vancouver Observer]
• Higher rents forcing low-income residents from Vancouver’s Downtown Eastside [Vancouver Sun]
• Disenchanted Surrey First councillor considers mayoral run [Vancouver Sun]
• Vancouver braces for rising homeless count [Vancouver Sun]
• Councillor Barinda Rasode ditches Surrey First, claims council has become “hostile” toward her [Vancouver Sun]

• Victoria approves major coal terminal expansion on Texada Island [Vancouver Sun]
• City installs two blocks of protected bike lanes in U District [Seattle Bike Blog]
• Report: Car2Go a (Slightly Qualified) Success [Seattle Met]
• Seattle parks plan: Why does City Council want to control it? [Crosscut]

• In Many Cities, Rent Is Rising Out of Reach of Middle Class [New York Times]
• Stupid is as Stupid does [Strong Towns]
• If You Live Near A Park, You’re More Likely To Be Happy [Fast Co.Exist]
• Nashville’s Revised BRT Isn’t Actually BRT at All [The Atlantic Cities]
• The Political Economy of Sprawl [Bacon’s Rebellion]