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Canadian Urbanism Uncovered

Vancouver’s Urbanism Headlines: Tuesday

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• Waste-to-energy plant’s high price tag gives B.C. politicians pause [Globe and Mail]
• Melissa Fong: What are we going to do about Vancouver’s Chinatown? [Georgia Straight]
• Public Furniture | Urban Trees [Stephen Rees’s Blog]
• Shared-Use Streets [South Fraser Blog]
• Moving in a Livable Region: Tomorrow’s Vancouver commute [Vancouver Observer]
• After Vancouverism: a conversation with Larry Beasley at the Gwerk Salon [Vancouver Observer]
• Photos: Vancouver’s prized heritage buildings [Vancouver Sun]
• 400 Burrard Streets [Changing Vancouver]

• Automated bus stop announcements may mean fewer distractions for Victoria drivers [Globe and Mail]
• Victoria bus drivers no longer required to call out stops with hand-held microphone [Vancouver Sun]
• As Victoria public smoking ban looms, sympathetic city councillors suggest creating a spot where smokers can ‘kill themselves in peace’ [National Post]
• Joseph Rose: Why TriMet won’t let you drive your car on Portland’s Tilikum Crossing (one more time) [The Oregonian]
• Is Southeast Portland’s Hosford-Abernethy nation’s most bike-friendly neighborhood? Census analysis says yes [The Oregonian]
• ‘Can’t you read?!’: When one rider calls out another for rolling through a stop [Bike Portland]
• What Makes an Urban Oasis? [Seattle Transit Blog]
• Designated smoking zones won’t work, expert says [Victoria Times Colonist]

• Councillor Maria Augimeri demands that Ottawa hand over Downsview Park [Toronto Star]

• Investing in Resiliency: Ranking the Most Resilient Cities [Urban Land Institute]
• What Frank Lloyd Wright houses teach about views, siting and designing from the inside out [Blooming Rock]
• These Old Bridges Will Become Inverted High-Rise Communities, Complete With Gorgeous View [Fast Co.Exist]
• Bicycle-Friendly Cobblestones [Copenhagenize]
• Tearing Down an Urban Highway Can Give Rise to a Whole New City [The Atlantic Cities]
• New Research On Smart Growth Benefits [Planetizen]