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Canadian Urbanism Uncovered

Vancouver’s Urbanism Headlines: Tuesday


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• Robertson slams rival’s ‘cheap politicking’ over Vancouver Aquarium [Globe and Mail]
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• Greater Vancouver housing starts in July slightly above same month of 2013 [Georgia Straight]
• The SkyTrain is not the crime train [South Fraser Blog]

• University of Victoria puts First Nations land claim mapping in the spotlight [Vancouver Sun]
• On foot in Seattle: How risky is it? [Crosscut]
• TriMet’s MAX trains knocked off track by expensive, deferred maintenance, records show (video) [The Oregonian]
• Your “Free” Parking Costs Taxpayers $400 [Seattle Transit Blog]
• A Rx for Family-Sized Housing in Seattle [Sightline Daily]

• Paramilitary Police Are Changing Law Enforcement in the Suburbs [City Lab]
• Rancher at home, urbanist at work: Top Denver planner raises eyebrows [Denver Post]
• Do Evolving Neighborhoods Mean Dissolving Communities? [Planetizen]
• Hanoi: is it possible to grow a city without slums? [The Guardian]