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Canadian Urbanism Uncovered

Vancouver’s Urbanism Headlines: Wednesday


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• The NPA plan for more “openness and accountability” at city hall [State of Vancouver]
• In five months, all condo owners, businesses have to be ready to recycle food scraps. Ready? Umm [State of Vancouver]
• Vancouver transit police say they will fine passengers who force SkyTrain doors open [Globe and Mail]
• Puzzle Pics: Surprising scenes of daily life [Price Tags]
• Quote: The 20-Minute City [Price Tags]
• Extraordinary Stats: Driving like it was the Sixties [Price Tags]
• Burrard Otter II arrives in B.C. waters [The Buzzer Blog]
• Vancouver selects participants for Grandview-Woodland citizens’ assembly [Georgia Straight]
• NPA vows accountability measures including city ombudsperson [Georgia Straight]
• Surrey delivers cost-effective, critical services for its residents [South Fraser Blog]
• Debate: Should Vancouver Change How It Zones Big Projects? [The Tyee]
• Downtown Eastside alley adorned with people jumping for joy [Vancouver Sun]
• Transit police issue warning about passengers forcing open SkyTrain doors [Vancouver Sun]
• NPA mayoral candidate Kirk LaPointe promises friendlier, more accountable city hall [Vancouver Sun]

• Is sewage mail-out plan to Esquimalt residents down the tube? [Victoria Times Colonist]
• Give Link Transfers a Chance [Seattle Transit Blog]
• Tired of growth? Be careful what you wish for [Crosscut]
• Council leader irked with SDOT’s dropping work on bike plan [Crosscut]
• Uber’s operations in Vancouver are illegal, city attorney says [Portland Bike Blog]
• With biking sidelined at Portland City Hall, BTA strategy shifts to long term [Portland Bike Blog]
• The uncomfortable facts about biking and minorities [Blooming Rock]

• The end of neighbours [Maclean’s]

• The Hidden Ways Urban Design Segregates The Poor [Fast Co.Design]
• Population ain’t nothing but a number: standardizing the size of the great American city [Beltmag]
• Can a ‘Transit Mode’ Stop Us From Texting While Driving? [City Lab]
• Walkable cities mean lower obesity and disease rates, says CU Denver study [Denver Business Journal]
• Transportation for the aging poses mounting challenge in Twin Cities [Minnesota Post]