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Canadian Urbanism Uncovered

Vancouver’s Urbanism Headlines: Monday


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• Robertson: CPR is “bullying”; LaPointe: Vision has been “incompetent” on CP file [State of Vancouver]
• Clash between CP, Vancouver gardeners heats up mayoral race [Globe and Mail]
• Keeping out of the mud is harder than the NPA would have you believe [Globe and Mail]
• The Fight for the Arbutus Corridor [Stephen Rees’s Blog]
• Batteries included: Network Rail begins on-track trials of prototype battery-powered train [Stephen Rees’s Blog]
• Complicated Issues: Cycling, race, class and commercialization [Price Tags]
• TransLink’s Compass Card needs course correction [Price Tags]
• The Daily Scot: Dying before birth – 2 [Price Tags]
• Bentall Centre (towards Dunsmuir Street) [Changing Vancouver]
• CP Rail starts ripping out Arbutus Corridor gardens in dispute with Vancouver (updated with video) [Vancouver Sun]
• Vancouver developer who criticized mayor’s marital breakdown resigns from NPA executive [Vancouver Sun]

• Jumbo Ski Resort Running Out of Time [The Tyee]
• When First Nations Burial Sites and Development Collide [The Tyee]
• Executive Constantine Announces Low-Income Fare on its Way [Seattle Transit Blog]
• Transit Geography Visualization [Seattle Transit Blog]
• Bertha: Wasting money while the Viaduct risks grow? [Seattle Transit Blog]
• Tech will make central-city parking spaces pointless, Gabe Klein tells Portland crowd [Portland Bike Blog]
• (Pay To) Park and Ride? [Sightline Daily]

• Open Streets Toronto paves way to a better city: Hume [The Toronto Star]
• Halifax looks forward to the opening of its very own library of the future [Globe and Mail]

• How making London greener could make Londoners happier – interactive map [The Guardian]
• Ferguson, Mo. Emblematic of Growing Suburban Poverty [Brookings]
• A Psychological Speed Limit [New York Times]
• Las Vegas Finally Antes Up for a Real Public Transit Network [City Lab]
• Barcelona 29 – Impressions (10): Daily Life in George Orwell [Price Tags]