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Canadian Urbanism Uncovered

Vancouver’s Urbanism Headlines: Friday


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• Pete McMartin: Forget bike helmets [Vancouver Sun]
• Car-share comes right to the doorstep of city halls [State of Vancouver]
• Latest poll: 46 per cent approval for Robertson, 40 per cent disapproval, few know who LaPointe is [State of Vancouver]
• Vancouver housing data reveals Chinese connection [Globe and Mail]
• False Creek residents challenge zoning ruling [Globe and Mail]
• Coal-shipping facility on Fraser River in Surrey gets go-ahead [Globe and Mail]
• 635 Burrard Street [Changing Vancouver]
• “An Argument for Alleys,” or, Why Melbourne beats us on livability [Price Tags]
• Arbutus corridor gardeners working to salvage plots [Georgia Straight]
• Willoughby’s Latimer Draft Neighbourhood Plan [South Fraser Blog]
• Port Metro Vancouver OKs Massive US Coal Terminal [The Tyee]
• Vancouver Secedes! The Saga Wraps up [The Tyee]
• How to hack into Vancouver’s real estate market with a laneway house [Vancouver Observer]
• Setting sights on November’s Vancouver municipal election [Vancouver Sun]
• Fence to keep homeless away from vacant Surrey lot leads to increased crime for Legion [Vancouver Sun]

• Why settle for a house when you can have the whole town? [Globe and Mail]
• With tiny houses in the news, a look back at micro apartments (video) [The Oregonian]
• Tiny cost of tiny houses: Comparing two contemporary custom houses, one tiny, one on the Street of Dreams [The Oregonian]
• Study: Renters! There goes the neighborhood [Smart Growth Seattle]
• Revolving Fund for Transit-Oriented Development In the Works [Seattle Met]

• A Call for Minimum Service Standards [The Transport Politic]
• California’s New Performance Metrics & Getting What You Measure [Portland Transport Blog]
• People are happier when they live near public transit [Salon]
• European Rail Should Learn From Airlines’ Price-Slashing Measures [City Lab]
• It’s hard to build cities for kids. But do they really need them? [Washington Post]