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Canadian Urbanism Uncovered

Vancouver’s Urbanism Headlines: Friday


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• Vision Vancouver steps up shelter financing in bid to end homelessness [Globe and Mail]
• City of Vancouver heads to court to dismantle Downtown Eastside tent city [Globe and Mail]
• Get the Arbutus corridor negotiation back on the rails [Globe and Mail]
• Why should only a few property sellers benefit when everyone has contributed to make Vancouver what it is? [State of Vancouver]
• Ray Spaxman: “It is no longer the olden days” [Price Tags]
• Seacycles: Breathtaking new video on Point Grey Road/Cornwall debuts tomorrow [Price Tags]
• Lance Berelowitz: “How Other Cities Do It, and Why Can’t We?” [Price Tags]
• Vancouver report recommends four groups as tenants for Woodward’s cultural space [Georgia Straight]
• City Hall prepares to dismantle housing protest in Oppenheimer Park [Georgia Straight]
• NPA proposes City of Vancouver lobbyist registry [Georgia Straight]
• The real contest in this Vancouver election is over control of council, not who’s elected mayor [Georgia Straight]
• City of Langley asks province to cover partial cost of first-responder medical emergency calls [South Fraser Blog]
• Transportation minister tells cities to pitch in if they don’t want rising ferry fares [Vancouver Sun]
• Metro Vancouver cities work on ways to boost voter turnout [Vancouver Sun]
• City of Vancouver applies for injunction to begin dismantling Oppenheimer Park camp [Vancouver Sun]

• Mayors feel snubbed by province over revenue sharing [Victoria Times Colonist]
• Provincial government looking to micro-manage local government in BC [South Fraser Blog]
• 7 reasons why high-rises kill livability [Blooming Rock]
• A carbon tax would push state’s gasoline prices higher [Crosscut]
• New TriMet path carves better route to South Waterfront, but PSU link still awkward [Bike Portland]
• Our Two Latest Transit Appliances [Portland Transport]

• Cost of car ownership living in Toronto [Jason Tang TO]

• This City Lost 1 Million Pounds–Now It’s Redesigning Itself To Keep Them Off [Fast Co.Exist]
• The U.S. Cities With The Most Bike Commuters (It’s Still Not A Lot) [Fast Co.Exist]
• Making Infrastructure Sexy [New York Times]