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Canadian Urbanism Uncovered

Vancouver’s Urbanism Headlines: Monday


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• Car-hiring operation Uber seeks to return to Vancouver [Globe and Mail]
• Study suggests Vancouver mayoral candidates should target ‘super-engagers’ [Globe and Mail]
• At long last, encampment at Oppenheimer Park to come down [Globe and Mail]
• Vancouver hurls millions of city money into housing and shelter as deadline approaches [State of Vancouver]
• World Premiere: “Seacycles” [Price Tags]
• Much Ado About Nothing: What the Census data say, and don’t say, about foreign & temporary residents and unoccupied dwellings [Urban Futures]
• Point Grey Road: The Last Word [Stephen Rees’s Blog]
• Surrey politics gets zanier with each passing week [Georgia Straight]
• Arts panelists weigh in on Vancouver cultural issues at pre-election “reverse debate” [Georgia Straight]
• Yet another bland street name is coming to Vancouver [Georgia Straight]
• Empty homes not the issue in Vancouver, Urban Futures think-tank says [Georgia Straight]
• Reasonable Doubt: Airbnb comes with legal obligations [Georgia Straight]
• Gregor Robertson gets mixed messages from real world and cyberworld [Georgia Straight]
• VANDU’s open letter in support of the residents of Oppenheimer Park [The Mainlander]
• BC Cities Demand Review of Thermal Coal Exports [The Tyee]
• Cities rising: B.C. municipal leaders demand a bigger say over oil pipelines [Vancouver Observer]
• Surrey residents rally to take back their city following teen’s murder [Vancouver Sun]
• Jury is still out on impact of downtown Vancouver bike lanes [Vancouver Sun]
• Arts groups cry out for more city funding [Vancouver Sun]

• Victoria parkade use jumps after fees slashed [Victoria Times Colonist]
• Victoria city councillors look to prevent camping in city parks [Vancouver Sun]
• First Hill Streetcar delayed: Line is ready, streetcars are not [Seattle Times]
• Helmet Machines Will Not Be Ready for Seattle Bike Share Launch [The Stranger]
• 9 Ways to Make Seattle Public Transit Better [Seattle Transit Blog]

• Toronto rides new streetcars to its urban future: Hume [Toronto Star]
• Peak gridlock: Why fall feels like the absolute worst time of year to be a driver [National Post]

• The Utopian City That Wasn’t [Medium]
• After Uber, San Francisco Has Seen a 65-Percent Decline in Cab Use [The Atlantic]
• We Could Save $100 Trillion If We Ditched Private Car Ownership By 2050 [Fast Co.Exist]
• People Plunge Underground to Work and Play as Streets Above Get Crazy Crowded [Bloomberg]
• How temporary ‘cardboard cathedral’ rose from the ruins to become most recognised building in Christchurch [The Guardian]