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Vancouver’s Urbanism Headlines: Monday


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• Vision, NPA nearly tied in campaign donations (updated with video and interactive chart) [Vancouver Sun]
• Don Cayo: City manager says property tax ‘hot spots’ are on her radar [Vancouver Sun]
• LaPointe narrows gap with Robertson in Vancouver mayoral race (with video) [Vancouver Sun]
• Video: Transportation is an issue burning in the minds of Surrey voters this year [Vancouver Sun]
• The Bula election lawn-sign count: It’s not 2011 any more — but a surprise along Point Grey Rd [State of Vancouver]
• Gregor Robertson: Progressive, green, not a troll, fighting for his political life. What went wrong? [State of Vancouver]
• Are there any housing solutions possible for Vancouver? NPA, Vision, Green, COPE offer very different ones [State of Vancouver]
• TEAM now says people who want to vote against developer-backed parties should ditch small independents, got for COPE, Green, NPAindependent Kasting, go for COPE [State of Vancouver]
• Green Party: No more bike paths in parks [Price Tags]
• Uber Alles: Does technology trump regulation? [Price Tags]
• “Secure Bike Parking in Vancouver” [Price Tags]
• Green Party: No more bike paths in parks? – 2 [Price Tags]
• No more bike paths in parks? – 3 [Price Tags]
• Kirk LaPointe and Gregor Robertson aren’t the only two mayoral candidates who dislike each other [Georgia Straight]
• Michael Wiebe: Vancouver parks suffering from years of neglect and poor decision-making [Georgia Straight]
• Devon Rowcliffe: Innovative election promises from Vancouver political parties [Georgia Straight]
• Jamie Lee Hamilton: Housing and homelessness are biggest reasons why queer citizens should vote [Georgia Straight]
• NPA accepts political contribution from registered charity connected to Fraser Institute chairman [Georgia Straight]
• Kirk LaPointe calls Vision Vancouver lawsuit attempt to “silence” the NPA [Georgia Straight]
• NPA close behind Vision with $2.1 million in campaign donations [Georgia Straight]
• An innocuous tape led to the Gregor Robertson and Geoff Meggs libel suit against Kirk LaPointe [Georgia Straight]
• When it comes to policy and council record, Vision and the NPA agree on practically everything [The Mainlander]
• Vision’s Angry Voter Double Whammy [The Tyee]
• Vancouver a “progressive city” and needs progressive mayor: Ujjal Dosanjh [Vancouver Observer]

• Victoria mayoral candidates spar over charity ‘tax grab’ [Victoria Times Colonist]
• Premier says B.C. Ferries fares are ‘as high as they can get’ [Victoria Times Colonist]
• Seattle area’s growth shows the power of the market, and planning [Crosscut]
• Portland’s walkable neighborhoods may boost brain power; allergy myths: health news [The Oregonian]

• WiFi and cell service could be coming to Edmonton’s LRT line [Global News]
• TTC workers union unveils plan to fix troubled transit system [Toronto Star]

• The Netherlands Gets the World’s First Solar-Powered Bike Lane [City Lab]
• Not All NIMBYs Are Alike [CP&DR]
• Open Letter to a Car-Addicted City [Planetizen]
• Citizen cartographers can help fill in the blanks in West Africa [Settle Times]
• How Memphis Became a Great Bicycle City [City Lab]