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Video: Vancouver Hyperlapse

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Video Vancouver

Via 604scans
After two years and more than 100,000 photos taken, we are proud to present ‘Vancouver Hyperlapse: Extended Version’ ; the 7min version of our love letter to Vancouver shot using a new and emerging technique that magically blends stop motion and time lapse photography

For best viewing experience please ensure video is at 1080p, fullscreen and sound is on — 5k Clips available at

This project began in September 2015 when I decided to streamline a Hyperlapse process and pipeline. Having shot plenty of regular timelapse footage in 2010 for the Winter Olympics, I thought it wouldn’t be too challenging; I was wrong! It took quite a long time to balance the physical and equipment requirements but in 2016, I was finally shooting consistently smooth clips, usually ranging from 90 to 100 frames. There are 204 clips available for licensing over at, including some free 4K samples