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Video Vancouver: The Gentrification Song

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Video Vancouver

The Gift of Gab “The Gentrification Song” Official Music Video. From the EP ‘Rejoice! Rappers Are Rapping Again!’ available exclusively at

Via NPR:

Consider it another anecdote in America’s urban makeover. Forty years after hip-hop emerged from inner cities across America, the ‘hood is suddenly where it’s good again. Yet those who survived the socioeconomic disparity and decay for decades are increasingly on the outs, from Brooklyn to the Bay. Gift of Gab’s [one-half of long-time rap duo Blackalicious] new single, “The Gentrification Song,” isn’t the first to question the systemic ills displacing low-income and working class communities of color. But instead of camouflaging his message in coded language, the Bay Area rapper leaves zero room for confusion with his plainspoken critique delivered with empathy over a classic beat.