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Video Vancouver: Super Kind Transit Etiquette

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Public transportation can be a little rough no matter where you are; sometimes trains and buses are late, sometimes they’re expensive, and of course, there are the other passengers and their unique habits to contend with. Los Angeles is no exception so LA Metro reached out to Mike Diva and YouTube star Anna Akana to bring to life this trippy, Japanese inspired series of three PSAs.

The first of the Metro PSAs features super hero Super Kind catching her arch nemesis, Rude Dude (Meiwaku Boy) blocking the aisle with his bicycle.

The second video has Rude Dude messily eating rainbow popcorn to the consternation of the other travelers.

Last but not least is a plea not to take up extra room with shopping, purses, baggage and by being mindful of how you sit.

All in all it’s a brightly colored, goofy, weird and strangely catchy campaign, and while it may or may not change minds, it’s certainly got everyone’s attention.