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Video Vancouver: Veronica Moss, A.U.T.O. Lobbyist

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Video Vancouver

An oldie but goodie from StreetFilms:

Ever wonder what folks working for sustainable transportation at the federal level are up against on K Street? For this Streetfilms exclusive event, we were granted unfettered access to Veronica Moss, lobbyist for Automobile Users Trade Organization (AUTO). Veronica gave us a few precious moments inside her SUV to talk about roads, traffic, cyclists, and big cities. After instructing us on proper honking techniques for “old people” and children, she also offered up some choice bons mots. Here’s a sample:

“People need to be able to drive their cars – that’s an American right!”

“Bikers are a pimple on the butt of any city.”

If you love Veronica, make sure to check out our mockumentary on The Search for the Zozo, where she also makes an appearance.


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  1. Say, that actress seems quite familiar…I wonder what she’s up to these days?