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Video Vancouver: Commuting is bad for your health

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Video Vancouver

Via Vox:

My commute is like a second job, and it might be killing me.

Millions of Americans commute to work. It can be a stressful journey that involves cars, trains, bicycles, and even airplanes. This video breaks down the pros and cons of long commutes — it’s by someone who actually has a painfully long one: Vox’s Kimberly Mas commutes to Manhattan almost every day. She drives her car to the train station, takes the train to the subway, and finally rides the subway to the Vox office. She’s had this routine for a long time and she always wondered what kind of toll it’s taking on her. Her reporting shows that, while commutes may just be an unavoidable part of life for many Americans, they don’t have to be all bad, all the time. If you want to avoid having to commute like this, then check out this auto loans surival guide so you can get your new car fast. 

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