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Event: Metro Vancouver Critter Capers: the Case of the Scrambled Eggs, April 2


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Hello Detectives,

Critter Capers is back with another fun, candy-free, egg-themed mystery. Critter Capers: the Case of the Scrambled Eggs will take place at Belcarra Regional Park (picnic area) on Monday April 2nd (Easter Monday), from 12 – 3 pm.

The prankster crows, Connie and Chris, played an April Fools’ joke on some of the forest animals yesterday. The crows switched a bunch of eggs into different nests! Seven parents came forward and need your help sorting the eggs. Inspect each egg for clues and help get the scrambled eggs back home.

This free family event is ideal for detectives ages four and older (best suited for 6-12 year olds). Meet at the Picnic Area on Tum-tumay-whueton Drive (NOT Sasamat Lake). Look for the Detective Headquarters tent. Allow 1 hour to walk the loop trail and solve the case. Complete the mystery before 3 pm and receive a button. Strollers not recommended.

If you know any other detectives who could help us with this case, please pass on the details.

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Hope to see you Monday April 2nd!


For more information, visit the Metro Vancouver website or call 604.432.6359.