1. I grew up in Halifax and have always been interested in its rich history. I firmly believe there is so much more to be told, especially in relation to the older part of the city. Well done Ms. Tayona on uncovering another chapter!

  2. Nice article! I particularly enjoyed the links to historical photos of Halifax. Nicely done.

  3. Very interesting the history behind it all. For so much as we want to see progress and change in our little metropolis, it’s scary to picture where this history is leading. Halifax is not ready to lose any more open space or “common ground”. It would be interesting to know if any of the areas included in the present Commons or Point Pleasant Park are environmentally protected from future development.

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  5. I have lived in Halifax for over thirty years and I have grown to love the beauty of the green spaces so prevalent in Halifax. In recent years signs of the encroachment of “businesses” into the public living spaces have begun to erode the green spaces. Green spaces are vital to the health and welbeing of the city and the people who live in it. It is necessary for us to protect the integrity of Halifax’s living spaces from interests that would reduce our city to concrete and tower blocks. The very soul of the city is under attack by “development”. For example the Victoria Park is being used for businesses. The park is meant for the community and the common enjoyment of it. Victoria Park has been a place where people have donated bricks to remember loved ones and the project has raised funds for the Food Bank which works to collect food for hungry people in Nova Scotia.
    It is clearly insensitive to try to turn a community parkway into a business space for a few people while the majority cannot access the space. The space belongs to the community and it should not be bartered off to whoever has the most money.

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