Anchor Zine Archive in the Roberts Street Social Centre celebrates five prolific years

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HALIFAX – The Roberts Street Social Centre is here for you. It’s true.

The little red shingled house near the corner of Roberts and James has quietly been there for anyone with something to say the long way for five years now. There’s a big old tree right in front dripping rain, that over the years has nearly rotted through the front stoop; but, walking in, you either know or trust you won’t go through, because someone who cares is on it somehow.

You have come to the hard-working, paper-filled, organized and pieced-together, meticulously catalogued to the extent that is overall sensible, tiny and big, maybe sometimes too warm and too cold, Anchor Zine Archive.

The Archive is a non-profit organization run by its members — a place of daring inclusion and acceptance. If you are not here for hate, and more than kind of dig old-timey graphic communication, well, you are welcome. And while you’re here, sign up for some satisfying chores, what the hell.

Typewriters, the people’s photocopier. Scissors, sharpies, gluesticks, staplers, and an expert’s screen-printing studio (with workshops!) are very likely even more than you need to share your pocket-burning skills, information, inner experience, world view, vegan cupcake recipes, masterpiece, music and manifesto.

The people who come here from all over are engaged and astute, young and not young, tattooed, dumpster-dived, decorated, and plain. From a Calico of backgrounds and sweet or sour beginnings, and all carrying a wealth of experience, they’re ready to share on their terms only.

Through the Zine Archive you gather and divide and comb apart your words to share with whomever, to whatever end, through the resources painstakingly hand-gathered by these consistent and wise rare birds who just seem to care for people who care to share, in analog.