Headlines: This Week in Review

CHARLOTTETOWN – BioVectra opposes Charlottetown residential development [CBC]
HALIFAX – Dingle’s crumbling seawall to be repaired [CBC]
BEDFORD – Apartments fuel city-wide building boom [CBC]
ST. JOHN’S – Heritage worth saving? Depends on who you’re asking [TELEGRAM]
SUMMERSIDE – Summerside to reimburse for ditch filling [CBC]

FREDERICTON – Jazz supergroup forms for festival [CBC]
HALIFAX – Growing backyard lecture provides informal space for showing and telling [MEDIA CO-OP]
SAINT JOHN – Rec facilities in rough shape – [TELEGRAPH JOURNAL]
ST. JOHN’S – Painting video on the walls – [THE SCOPE]

CHARLOTTETOWN – Horse takes race to Charlottetown streets [CBC]
HALIFAX – Signs for Urban Wilderness Park go down [THE COAST]

NEW BRUNSWICK – Liberals announce projects ahead of election [CBC]

HALIFAX – Metro Transit UPass saved for the year [CBC]
HALIFAX – Halifax bridge closing again [CBC]
ST. JOHN’S – St. John’s drivers blocking emergency trucks [CBC]

HALIFAX – Biosolids cause stink in HRM [CBC]
HALIFAX – HRM council mulls wind turbine rule changes [CBC]
HALIFAX – How to build a local food system [CBC]


  1. Really? Another link to the knee-jerk extremists at the Media co-op, but not a word on the Roy Building and Discovery Centre BS heritage destruction? Let down.

  2. McCallum — yes, we only include urban-focused headlines because we are an explicitly urban-focused blog. Our mandate, scrawled across the top of the page, is “understanding the urban landscape.” For more info, see our ‘About’ section.  

    Matt — what’s knee-jerk about an article celebrating a creative community lecture series?

    I do hope to answer your call to cover the Roy Building issue, however. Minor glitches have prevented earlier coverage.  

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