Spacing’s next national issue will be national

With the success of Spacing’s first national issue — our special summer edition has sold twice as well as any previous issue we’ve ever published — our editors have decided that we will continue to provide our readers with pan-Canada coverage of everything urban.

Since 2003, Spacing has published 22 issues with all but one of them focused exclusively on Toronto urbanism. As we’ve expanded our blog network across Canada — Montreal in 2007, Ottawa and the Atlantic cities in 2009, and  Vancouver in June 2011 — it has become abundantly clear that the best way to advance an agenda of smart, sustainable, and well-designed urbanism is to showcase and analyze how other Canadian cities are dealing with transit, waterfront parks, or street furniture (to name just a few topics affecting our cities).

From here on out, Spacing will publish a national issue twice a year and a local Toronto issue twice a year. We’ll happily add more issues to our yearly production cycle if we can attract more subscribers, but we are not able to go above four issues a year at this point.

We’re very excited to continue to discovering what makes each of Canada’s urban regions unique and how we can learn from each our shared successes and failures.

Matthew Blackett is the publisher and creative director of Spacing magazine and blog network. He is a co-recipient of the 2010 Jane Jacobs Prize and the 2007 Canadian Urban Leadership Award.