Sim City: Density Growth

Spacington has grown from a little town to a city. Plenty of single-family homes in each of the neighbourhoods have changed their faces and transformed into residential buildings. We have pushed Spacington forward to try and able our city with what it needs to become a real simulated 21st century urban city.

Unfortunately, Spacington LRT transit was cut along the way — as it was a slightly premature ambition — and replaced with wider bus transit. But we may be talking transit next week as the city has begun to serve longer commute times and may be ready for a more comprehensive public transit system.

This week there were some good comments regarding the lack of use and accessibility along the waterfront. This was partially intentional — to buy time to think of solutions — as the game does not provide great options for waterfront usage. Many of the amenities such a marina aren’t available until cities reach a certain population. (Sim City fanatics: please comment with tips and tricks on how to better utilize the waterfront.) Nevertheless, the waterfront still needs to be incorporated with the city.

Sims fans (help): We have used the suggested transit mods for the game, but unfortunately didn’t have great results. To ensure we get the best results with transit, is there a secret to getting sims to use LRT?

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