News from around the town

cars in snow

Here are some stories from other media that Spacing Montreal finds interesting.

Good news for car owners

CBC reports the city will let people park for free in some private parking lots after snowstorms. They hope this will speed up the snow-clearing process.

Does this mean those annoying alarm trucks will stop waking me up in the wee hours reminding people to move their cars?

Waiting in the cold

The Gazette asks why Montreal’s buses are so full. One dedicated public transit rider is questioning his decision to leave his car at home as his commute down Avenue du Parc is getting longer and less comfortable. Apparently slow repairs are to blame. Earlier this month more than 120 buses were off the road. The STM says the situation is improving and about 80-90 buses are out of commission.

Meanwhile, around town, there are billboards promoting the 16 per cent increase in transit service.

Stop wasting waste water

Also from the Gaz, and on CBC: Montreal is looking for better ways to treat waste water. Apparently using ozone is an effective way to get rid of microscopic critters, chemicals and pharmaceuticals. Montreal Mayor Gerald Tremblay is asking for financial help for the project.

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