Griffintown News Roundup #2: Jan. 23-Jan. 31

Griffintown continues to make waves in the local media. On the footsteps of our last news roundup, here, in chronological order are many of the news stories and blog posts written about the proposed redevelopment over the last couple weeks. Also included are dates of presentations concerning the redevelopment that are planned for the near future:

Jan. 23: Le Devoir runs three stories concerning the redevelopment: One about the various cultural institutions that are planned, another concerning developer Devimico’s commitment (or lack thereof) to historic preservation, and finally an excellent opinion piece from residents Judith Bauer and Christopher Gobeil.

Jan. 24: A.J. Kandy Stephanie Troeth at the Save Griffintown blog gives her thoughts on a public meeting given by Devimco at the École de technologie supérieure which was attended by over 100 people despite being poorly advertised.

Jan. 29: A.J. Kandy writes an exhaustive review of what was said (with mock-ups) at the Devimco-RESO public consultation on January 23rd. Devimico promised to have a “Projet Griffintown” website up within the week, however, said website has yet to surface.

Jan. 30: Sud-Ouest borough mayor Jacqueline Montpetit is getting ready for various public consultations. Story via La Press.

Jan. 31: La Press reports that if Griffintown is redeveloped as planned, the entire map of the area could be heavily altered with new streets being added, existing streets widened, while others could disappear entirely.

Feb. 5: The Sud-Ouest borough is planning its first official public meeting for tomorrow night (February 5) in the borough mayors’ office, at 815 rue Bel-Air, 2nd floor meeting room starting at 7PM. If you want to ask questions or make a comment, you must show up early and register before 6:30PM.

Feb. 12: The Little Burgundy Coalition will be hosting a public discussion with urban planning professors Pierre Gauthier from Concordia University and David Hanna from UQAM. The discussion will be held at the Centre-Culturel Georges-Vanier, 2450 rue Workman from 9AM until noon.

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