Underground scavenger hunt this afternoon!

Snow again? If you think the weather sucks, take refuge underground. This afternoon, a scavenger hunt organized by flashmobbers Improv Everywhere will take place in the underground city, starting on top floor of the Eaton Centre (where the cinema used to be) at 3pm. Here are some details from the event’s Facebook page:

The scavenger hunt will take place in the underground city of Montreal. Teams or individuals (no more than 3 people per team) will have approximately one hour to collect as many items as possible from the list provided at the start of the hunt. Almost everything on the list will be free to obtain. Points will be awarded for each item – some items are worth more than others – brought to the finish by the end of the hunt.

Fagstein outlines the rules (he’ll also be covering the event for the Gazette, so if you want to be quoted in Montreal’s number three daily newspaper, you know who to look for):

* Do not leave the underground city. You are using the honor system.
* You will need:
o a bag
o a bit of money (no more than 5$)
o something to take pictures with (a camera phone is OK)
o something to tell time with
* Time – You have from when we release you until 5:10 on the judges’ timepiece (official time). If your entire team is not back by then, only what has arrived will be counted.
* Points will be awarded once per team for each item on the list brought to the finish.
* Judges’ decisions are final

So far, the event has 35 confirmed participants and 42 “maybes.” Happy hunting.

Photo by blork


  1. I realize it’s almost 4am (go to sleep, really), but I should correct that Improv Everywhere is in no way related to the scavenger hunt. It’s being organized by a couple of local fun-doers who some may recognize as regular participants in Manhunt Montreal.

  2. Thanks Fagstein for clearing that up :)
    Hope everyone had fun.

  3. Hey Robin, thanks for an incredible event!! Now when the nukes drop, I’ll have a leg up on all the other losers melting in the streets above as I gracefully navigate the network below.

    Posted a mini-review and a bunch of pix to:

  4. when will there be another one of these cuz i got alot of friend who will do it

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