Photo du jour: Anticipating the pedestrianization of Saint-Paul

As announced by André Lavallée of Ville de Montréal earlier this month, Saint-Paul will be a car free street between 11am and 6am this summer. Some people act as if it were already. This photo was taken on August 22, 2007, on Place Jacques-Cartier


  1. Actually, the article says that it is going to be closed to traffic from 11am to 6am, not 6pm.

    Otherwise it would have said from 11h to 18h.

    Traffic will only be allowed in the morning, for deliveries.

  2. That’s right, thanks Benoit. Anything else would be slightly senseless.

  3. Well I don’t get it: are you saying it will be closed 11am to 6pm? Or are you saying that it will be closed for the entire day except the period between 6am and 11am. Which, if you ask me, sounds like a major hassle. Can’t wait though. Otherwise, Vieux Montreal is an obnoxious cacophony of cars and tourists.

  4. Like Benoit pointed out, traffic will be allowed in the morning hours only (6am to 11am), for deliveries and the like. This is how it’s often done in other cities.

  5. Montreal Cyclists hope that bicycles will be permitted on St-Paul if it becomes a no-cars street.
    Prince Arthur, montreal’s only existing no-cars street, has a No-Bikes rule that gives the police opportunity to hand out hundreds of tickets every year tickets to anyone riding a bike between the bike path on Prince arthur that stops at the start of the no-cars zone, and the bike path on Cherrier two blocks directly east (we call this the missing link)

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