Yesterday’s big storm

I always marvel at how a winter storm can so alter the experience of the city. Under a blanket of snow, streets that are normally wide and imposing become more personal.

Summer storms have their impact, too, albeit one that is far more fleeting. Yesterday’s afternoon thunderstorm was sudden and impressive. I was probably sheltered from its worst effects here on Park Avenue, but as pretty much anyone in the city can attest, it struck the city with surprising speed and force. Power was cut to many parts of the city, trees fell and all things were blown around, including several large trucks on the Champlain Bridge, which was closed for several hours yesterday.

Naturally enough, a weather event like this triggers an urge in people to grab their camera and document what’s going on. Fagstein has compiled a bunch of different videos of the storm while La Presse and the Gazette both have photo galleries.

When the storm first hit, I sat on my front porch and watched the rain pour down on stalled traffic. When the electricity went out in my apartment, I waited for a break in the rain to meet some friends at a nearby cafĂ© to watch Greece play Sweden in the first round of the Euro Cup. But what about you — how did the storm affect your day?

Photos by John Kenney and Marcos Townsend of the Gazette

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  1. I mostly just stared at it — it was so powerful it was kind of magical. I want that to happen for 15 minutes every day!

    Some of those truck pictures are just kookoo. It’s hard to believe.

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