Know Hope: Gnome Yo’self Graffiti in Mile End Laneway

Know Hope Mile End Alleyways
By Kimberley Mok

The first “Know Hope” installation back in June was a visual reinterpretation of the Mont Royal tam-tams going on in full swing. Now after a stroll down Mile End’s quaint maze of laneways, here’s the newest whimsical reverie about what happens when one encounters a short door (made for the Little People?) and a graffiti commandment to “Gnome Yo’self” (original photos below)?




  1. This is what makes me love this city so much – this kind of unique, un-anticipatible delight. (The singular, in the Derridean sense…) There seem to be so many of these singularities here.

  2. Hi Lucila,

    We forget the exact location but (we think!) the entrance to this laneway begins on Fairmount, just east of Parc Ave., maybe right beside the (unmarked) Sufi/Islamic centre? I think then you walk south. Or it could be north. But half the fun is getting lost…

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