Photo du jour : Dunkin’ Donuts sur la Transcanadienne/Métropolitaine

Dunkin' Donuts sur la Transcanadienne

We at Spacing Montréal are mostly residents of Montreal’s urban centre, but some of us do occasionally venture out to the suburbs. This picture was snapped from a car passing on the Trans-Canada highway, where the 15 joins with the 40 for the 4km in the former Ville St-Laurent, Ville Mont-Royal and Ahuntsic neighborhood of Montreal.

It’s constantly jammed, and I remember that a decade ago, they even went to propose building a parallel highway linking both north-south segments of the 15 that would bypass the 40 Transcanadienne entirely, passing through an area that’s part residential, part warehouses.


  1. Another plan was to build a tunnel connecting both 15s.

    No wonder it’s already jammed, the 6 lanes of the 15 are merged with the 6 lanes of the 40. No lanes are added… guaranteed gridlock almost 24/7.

    Traffic should ease a bit with the new highway 30.

  2. Well, Re: Dunkin’ Donuts, my sense is that they are doing pretty well since their corporate management in Quebec was re-taken by the Couche-Tard convenience store empire!

  3. Not only are 12 lanes jammed into 6, but the 15 has people coming down from Laval with a 100 kph speed limit, which slows down to 70 kph at the same place. Oh, and people who want to keep going south on the 15 also have to cross a few lanes, which is always nice.

    Take the bus? That person has never been anywhere useful in Laval on the bus, I gather… Although I suspect it might be a bit better now with the metro…

  4. That Dunkin Donut is built in the parking lot of the very first ever shopping mall to open in Canada, back in 1949, 59 years ago.

  5. No, the first-ever mall was Norgate, further north in Saint Laurent. This is the TMR shopping centre.

  6. I know people in Laval who are now able to feasably take public transport to work, and they do. There are ways to overcome AUTOcracy!

  7. oh my… i’d take an autocracy any day over lunaticracy or hippicracy. ;)

  8. It is now time for lunatics and hippies to take over. Yes we can!

  9. We ageing hippies are actually very nice people… And oh, those lunatics and their tinhat ideas. Imagine, they think that one day slavery will be abolished, as well as child labour. To top that off, women will get the vote. The things some people go on about…

    But hope new generations take over – and I’m sure you’ll enjoy the sleek new trains and trams. I’ll just keep riding my bicycle in the meantime. Lovely morning for it today, for November!

    Note Université de Montréal and Basilique St-Joseph in the far background of the photo.

  10. AUTOcracy? ??!!

    The main problem is the concurrency of the 15 and 40 between the Autoroute Laurentides et Decarie Expressway without proper lanes

    I think finally finishing the Ville-Marie Expressway A-720 to meet with the Autoroute 25 and the new bridge of the 25 to Laval would save a lot of congestion here, and also save a lot of emissions / gasoline consumption as people would have a shorter trip.

  11. This is the exact spot that I bike to to catch the 100 Crémazie bus to Ikea. Much better than trying to get onto the always jam-packed 202 bus at Métro Du Collège.

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