Photo du jour: Bellechasse sous la pluie

Rosemont Viaduct & Capitol Industries Inc. at 5795 Avenue de Gaspé (Zinc die casting specialists).

Photo taken November 13th from the 12th floor of 5800 Saint-Denis.


  1. The van horne overpass, central to this photo and a artifact of 60s urban planning has one benefit, it is a great lookout (belvedere) to view Mt Royal and the city. There is a staircase going up to the overpass sidewalk a mere 20 feet from St Laurent blvd (where it goes under this overpass). Check it out, it’s one of my favorite secret Montreal lookouts.

  2. Glad I’m not the only one who thinks so. Publicly accessible “high places” (the term is from the architect Chris Alexander’s urban design books), even unintentional ones like this, are one of the essential features of any great city. It increases one’s sense of being part of the greater whole. And this is the only one in its area that I know of. The only other opportunity I get to see panoramas from that part of town is during the artists’ portes ouvertes in some of the taller buildings nearby.

  3. the rooftop sun decks at gay saunas are great “high place” lookouts too.

  4. Perhaps they are, but Alexander’s definition specifies generaliy publicly accessible.

  5. A staircase isn’t universally-accessible either. (Though some photos from gay sauna rooftop decks in the Village would be fun).

    The building this photo was taken from is very ugly indeed, not because of its height but due to its bulk. At one of the many public hearings about planning, a planner was almost apologetic about whoever allowed it, but in fairness, it was erected to allow for a lot of work in the garment sector, and it is well located for people to get to work, just opposite the Rosemont métro station.

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