Toronto Tuesday: Bike “blockades”, Brampton bulldozers and content Torontonians


Each Tuesday, Spacing Montreal will share some posts from our sister blog, Spacing Toronto. We hope it will fuel constructive dialogue on the urban issues faced by both cities.

World Wide Wednesday: NYC for bikes and pedestrians

Take a look at sustainable development in New York City: even Times Square has been caught by street and sidewalk improvements, thanks to policies set out in the Department of Transportation’s new Street Design Manual.

Brampton’s Urban Frontier: Countryside Drive

Jump into the (always growing) suburbs with a reflection on Sean Marshall’s hometown, Brampton. Bulldozers, subdivisions and zoning notices, oh my!

Torontonians Mostly Content With City Hall, Poll Says

Satisfactory performance? Read Adam Chaleff-Freudenthaler’s analysis of a Toronto poll exploring the issues that municipal politicians and their constituencies find important.


  1. I like this feature, but maybe there are not many comments because us Canadians are too busy trying to not insult each other. Does Spacing Toronto have a similar posting every week? – can’t recall as I hardly ever look at it anymore since you guys started the Montreal one up.

  2. Spacing Toronto has “Montreal Monday”.

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