Toronto Tuesday : Pocket Plants, Creative Class & The Strike Persists


Each Tuesday, Spacing Montreal will share some posts from our sister blog, Spacing Toronto. We hope it will fuel constructive dialogue on the urban issues faced by both cities.

• How delightful! Creative new ways of using already-pasted posters are making appearances around Toronto. A mysterious artiste is carefully ripping, wrapping, and re-pasting these posters into cones, filling them with dirt and planting the pockets with flowers.

• An introduction to the breakout work of Richard Florida, The Rise of the Creative Class which reduces urban demographics to monetary values. A recent Creative Class Struggle debate last week, proved some criticisms are better than others. Also to be featured in the next issue of Spacing Magazine.

• John Lorinc’s weekly column asks : Is the strike costing the City of Toronto money, or is it generating a financial windfall for the Corporation?

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