1. As an ex Montrealer,I enjoy your “Then and Now Photos” as ” a picture says a thousand words”.I understand that the picture may be of the old St.Patrick’s Boy’s School on laghauchetiere St. There was another St.Patrick’s School that I attended for several years. The school was accessed via a lane-way that was south of Dorchester( as it was known then) and it bordered Dufferin Park. The building also housed a French school that was accessed from St.Urbain. I have a picture ( Z-322-1) that I purchased from the City of Montreal archives of the laneway and the school . The school that I attended may have been called ” St.Patrick’s elementary ”

    I was brought up in the area that was demolished to make room for the L’habitation Jeanne-Mance complex. I have been searching for quite some time for photos of the area and have not been too successful in locating more than the odd one such as an aerial photo from the City of Montreal(VM 94540). If anyone can provide any information regarding the availability of any photos of the area, it would be appreciated. Chester

  2. Cher Chester Kukulka.
    Sur ce site “Spacing Montréal” vous trouverai de bonnes photos de 1955 des maisons situées sur les rues Ontario et Sanguinet. Ces maisons qui ont cédé leur place aux “superbe” habitations Jeanne-Mance. J’ai consulté ce site (un de mes favoris) dernièrement et j’ai remarqué ces jolies maisons, construites au XIXè siècle.
    Il y a aussi le site archives nationales du québec, ville de Montréal 1940-1960.
    Et aussi E.Z.Massicotte.

  3. Thank you Phillipe for your response. Unfortunately, I have visited all of these sites and have found only a few photos of significance. I spent some time in Montreal searching the archives without any success and yet when I visit their website I get the impression that these pictures may exist.I have seen photos of the old houses in published books so that gives me some hope that pictures are out there somewhere and perhaps have never been uploaded to the electronic format.I visited the National Archives in Ottawa as well as Central mortgage and housing. My CMHC visit provided me with a belief that an additional visit is necessary. I will continue looking for that needle in the haystack and if I ever find those pictures and copyright is not an issue, then my search will benefit others who have an interest in seeing a part of the visual history of an area that was synonymous with the ” Red Light District”. Chester

  4. hi chester, i was a student at st.patricks elemetary school from 1960 thru 1966. (mrs.douglas, daley, salinas…) situated on dorchester and st.urbain. The entrance to the school yard was on dorchester street. There doesn’t seem to be any pictures of the school nor any sort of then-classmates on the web. You mention a picture numbered z-322-1 but where can i have a look at it ? Thanx for any information.

  5. merci Guillaume pour le lien. Que de souvenirs de mes années à l’ecole

  6. Est-ce qu’il y a quelqu’un qui a des informations sur l’école “st.patricks elemetary school” rue Dorchester à Montréal. Ma mère est allée à cette école en 1967 et j’ai besoin d’une attestation. La Commission Scolaire de Montréal n’a pas d’information sur cette école.
    Merci beaucoup

  7. @valerie, j’ai fait beaucoup de recherches mais sans resultats, on dirait quand on parle de cette ecole les bouches sont cousues, je me suis meme rendu à l’eglise st patrick au centre ville pour avoir des informations mais il m’ont semblé rien voulu dire. moi meme j’ai frequenté cette ecole de 1960 à 1966. si tu trouves quelques infos merci de le poster…

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