1. Well, there goes another little bit of history.

    I’d be laughing a little less if the Habs actually did something that deserves such recognition.

  2. How did they decide it would be an “avenue” instead of a “rue”?

  3. Since that sign has _zero_ cultural value, I’m left wondering what its total cost was? From layout to installation, how much did it cost us to put that up there?

  4. Rich, history is safe… for now. La Gauchetière didn’t get renamed completely. Just the part near Bell Centre between Peel & De La Montagne.


  5. La Gauchetière is a beautiful name, and I don’t like seeing little bits of streets renamed. There are many other ways they could have honoured the history of hockey in Montréal (yes, Rich, les Canadiens aren’t doing so well now, but they are an important part of our cultural and social history, whether or not we are sport fans).

    And the “avenue” is utterly strange.

  6. Fortunately, it’s only the bit in front of the Bell Centre that has been renamed. East of Peel it remains de la Gauchetière. But yes, I agree that this was pretty silly.

  7. If they really wanted to honor the Canadiens they would have renamed the Bell Centre “The Forum”.

  8. It never ends, does it?

    And, the new ‘name’ is usually much longer and, often, harder to spell, regardless of one’s native tongue.

  9. And it should have been Avenue DU Canadiens de Montréal a in ” le Club de hockey Canadien” ;-)

    PS: I’m a great hockey fan, but this seems like a tragic populist move to me…

  10. I note that Ottawa has streets in the neighbourhood of the Corel Centre-as-was named for Frank Nighbor, Cyclone Taylor and Frank Finnegan of the original Senators as well as the older-still Silver Seven, also directly represented among that neighbourhood’s street names. So the precedent has been set for some time now.

  11. They should have changed the name of the tracks that used to lead into Windsor Station “Sponsorship Avenue.” This would help explain what happened to them.

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