Lower Main

Spacing Montreal has been following plans to revitalize Lower Saint-Laurent within the Quartier des Spectacles. Here’s an overview of the story’s development over the past 2 years:

January 2008 – First stirrings of changes in store for the Lower Main

January 2008 – Cultural space to be built on Saint-Laurent metro

May 2009 – Lower Main may be razed…again (history of the street and buildings facing redevelopment)

May 2009 – 2-22 Sainte-Catherine: a look at the plans for the QDS’ “vitrine culturelle”

May 2009 – SDA’s plans for the Quadrilatère Saint-Laurent

August 2009 – Public Consultation Office recommends that the Quadrilatère Saint-Laurent project “slow down”

December 2009 – Video interview with Eric Paradis, organizer of Save the Main artists’ coalition

January 2010 – The Lower Main’s last stand – City orders expropriation of Café Cleopatra after the SDA acquires most of the properties for the Quadrilatère Saint-Laurent.

January 2010 – Interview with Café Cleopatra’s owner John Zoumboulakis

February 2010 – SDA Backpedals on Lower Main Redevelopment – the 3 projects are delayed and diminished in scale.

December 2011 – Sad End in Sight for the Lower Main – after 2 years of neglect, the Ville Marie borough orders demolition of five buildings

This post will be updated with new links as we continue to follow this unfolding story.

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