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A huge thanks to everyone who gave us a shout-out at the Mirror’s Best of Montreal – we climbed up to Montreal’s 4th best blog in 2010! The BOM is notoriously a popularity contest (I mean, Tim Hortons takes best coffee?), so what this really means is that our readers are among Montreal’s best (and I’d say the best, judging on general comment-quality).

While we’re on the topic of best blogs, I’ll share a couple of my favourite feeds:

Montreal City Weblog (BOM #8) is an essential service for Montrealers: Kate M links to everything worth reading about Montreal from local media and afar. Plus, we get just a tiny bit of attitude when appropriate.

Montréalités Urbaines is a francophone, urban planner’s news-feed. A bit more attitude to reckon with, but Benoit Gratton pulls out what matters from the Ville de Montréal’s communiqués, and his radar dosen’t cut off at the banks of the island.

Luc Ferrandez‘s blog is deliciously un-politically correct… for a politician (BOM honourable mention in the politician category).

And yes, I read Fagstein (BOM #2). I don’t know why, I just can’t help it.

I’ve already written about Emergent Urbanism, but now Matthieu Hélie has now created a network so people who are taken with the topic can share their own links.

Its also kind of cool that the Archives de Montréal have recently started a blog.

Urban Photo remains a Spacing Montreal soulmate, with many articles by Spacing alumni Christopher DeWolf now writing from Hong Kong, and other writers representing Montreal.

Outside of the city, I have to say I enjoy almost everything I read on Brand Avenue, which goes by the tagline Place, Space and Identity.

Feel free to share other worthwhile links in the comments below.


  1. I’m glad to see you made that (somewhat dubious) list if only because it will get more people reading the blog – confess I don’t even read it any more as the choices are so dismal in many categories. The Mirror issue sure takes a prize for tackiest cover page, what is this, a macho bouncer at a bordello surrounded by two pétasses style 1980? Tackiest shirt and tackiest hairdos?

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