Parc Lahaie update

As Spacing reported last week Parc Lahaie will be seeing changes this summer. A few days ago the borough got to work painting the adjacent stretch of Saint-Dominique green as a precursor to a more thorough renovation.

Parc Lahaie paint job 2

Paint truck at work on Saint-Dominique (photo credit: Kevin Cohalan).

Parc Lahaie paint job

Saint-Dominique viewed from Laurier (photo credit: Kevin Cohalan).


  1. So the park will be extended right up to the building?

  2. What is the paint for? I thought they were tearing out the pavement and putting more grass there. If it’s to mark it off as a non-driving area temporarily, why not just use some barricades? Painting a chunk of street that’s about to be torn up seems kind of wasteful and ridiculous. But then I don’t really know what the plan is, so maybe it does actually make sense somehow. 

  3. Bonjour à tous, concernant le parc de la haie devant l’église St-Enfant-Jésus rue St-Dominique présentement il y a une pétition contre le déasphaltage de la rue St-Dominique, je vous encourage tous à signer la pétition , le projet du maire déplaît aux résident des allentours  ,au curé et aux commeçants.

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