1. Faut ben un autre commencer à apprivoiser notre ville et ses erreurs! C’est pas le premier, ni le dernier… Qui sait, quand le CHUM sera construit et que le recouvrement sera fait, ces condos seront en plein milieu du nouveau quartier branché de Montréal. Ceux qui veulent faire de l’argent, c’est le temps… Il sera trop tard dans 10 ou 15 ans.

  2. If it makes business sense they will build it. But I got an even better one. This past spring I saw a condo going up right underneath the Jacques-Cartier Bridge & Rene-levesque. I believe it’s completed by now. Imagine living in this charming spot http://goo.gl/maps/J57J 

  3. Le vrai problème est que les gens achètent n’importe quoi …!

  4. Ça fait 45 ans que les maisons sur Décarie sont exposées au bruit de l’autoroute, et personne ne dit rien…

    (En fait, les maisons en construction sur la photo ne sont pas des condos, mais une coopérative).

  5. Heu… Je suis sur la liste d’attente pour cette coopérative…

  6. Jack, the neighborhood just west of there is quite desirable and has a lot of amenities. I’d consider living there (again) without hesitation (I used to live just a block over from there).

  7. Looks great! In Vancouver, they’d never let them build in a location like that, because some planners would say it wasn’t ‘liveable’. Instead, only very nice things end up built, and it’s all super-expensive. Sure, this place looks like a tough location, but hopefully the rent is cheap; live and let live…

  8. This is an ideal location, near parks, the river, and Old Montreal, as well as walking distance from the Gay Village, Latin Quartier, downtown.

    The problem – let’s not forget – is that autoroute that slashes the heart of Montreal.

    Please don’t say this is an inappropriate place to place a heart.

  9. I live a block over from there! They are new Samcon condos.
    We don’t hear the highway at all actually. And for people with cars, it’s the ideal spot (having lived in the Plateau, it took forvever to get to the highway).
    Plus we’re 5 min walking distance from the Old Port and the Village, what more could you want?

  10. @Christine: “what more could you want?” Maybe a little less heavy metals in the air that I breath?

  11. Does someone own a condo built by Samcon? What was your experience? They are building in ur neighbourhood and if they are a good company, I would be interested in buying.

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