Spacing Road Show visits Montreal: tacos, wine and urbanism on the street

The Spacing Road Show touched down in Montreal last night, on the cross-country road trip to launch the Pan-Canadian magazine. What a great turnout! Our readers, contributors, and curious passers-by filled the McCord Museum’s auditorium to hear presentations about how teens, food, regional planning and lost rivers shape the city, and how the city shapes us. My humblest apologies to those who did not make it into the auditorium, which overflowed it’s capacity.

Afterwards, we spilled outside into the thick July heat, where the Urban Forest‘s colourful ribbon-leaves fluttered wildly in the breeze. What a delight to be able to indulge in street food, enjoy a glass of wine, and gather around picnic tables or pull up a stump all on the streets of downtown Montreal.

The McCord Museum were gracious hosts and it was exciting to work with such an innovative, enthusiastic and like-minded organization. The museum’s mandate may be about preserving and disseminating history, but they are certainly forward-looking when it comes to creating animated public spaces – they even welcomed the idea of having street food onto the premises (in this case amazing veggie pulled pork tacos by Dépanneur Le Pickup)

Thanks so much to everyone who came out and all who made the event possible. It’s so great to finally meet some of the folks that I feel I’ve gotten to know through the blogosphere.  I hope we’ll do it again next year!

Photo by Tristan Brand


  1. For those who could not get into the auditorium, wll there be some account or other ? There was a lo of applause.

  2. Where can people pick up a copy of the Spacing magazine ‘100 best public spaces’  issue not to mention the Mtl subway pins? It does not seem listed on the website. Also, can the issue be read online? I’d like to promote this achievement but not sure where to link it all…

  3. Hi Jody – thanks for coming to the event – I saw you for a second but was running around and didn’t see you afterwards. the magazine is not online but you can get a paper version at the CCA bookstore or at Chapers or Indigo. We’ll post more about the top 100 spaces on the blog soon though.

    As for the pins, they’ll be available through the website soon. We haven’t had a chance to build the page yet, but more to follow soon, I promise!

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