Halloween Special: “Factory Face”

Spacing Montreal has never thought of holding a Halloween costume contest but if we did, I’m betting Ian Langohr would take home the prize with “Factory Face,” a reproduction of the Canada Malting Plant in mask form.

I have been fascinated by the old maltage plant since moving to St. Henri in 2009. I find it surrealistic in itself, as it sort of resembles a bizarre collage of industrial buildings. The holes, rust, graffiti and general decaying nature just add to the charm,” he writes.

Langohr created the mask from bits of plastic, rubber and metal found on the streets or in the dark corners of Saint-Henri hardware stores, using techniques he picked up working in a mascot production company. Check out the minute details captured in the creation on Langohr’s website.

“I think wearing it around Atwater market or to a DJ night at the St. Ambroise Brewery would be appropriate,” Langohr adds.

Oh, and on that note, next year we definitely should hold a Montreal-themed Halloween costume contest. Consider this your advance warning.

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