1. That’s going to be a beautiful building! I like how people (mostly men) meet in front of the construction site just to see the workers do their magic taking the building apart. It’s funny how most people are able to admire this process, yet few of us enjoy it as much when it’s going up :)

    As for the occupy movement, I agree with many of the things they say, but then I wonder who is paying for everything there, and if this money could be better spent saving lives or on some useful research, or maybe even lobbying for good change. On the other hand it ruins their credibility to me that many of these guys wear clothes that I could not afford (or at least I wouldn’t buy for price reasons)… and I’m pretty happy with my life as it is right now! I wouldn’t wish to be wealthier. In any case, it’s an interesting movement, and while I don’t think they’ll do much to improve the world, it will be a nice process to observe!

    On the other hand I am really happy that they decided to settle in an area which can afford to keep itself looking clean and attractive despite the mess. Almost any other area in the city would look and feel horrible by now, and its local businesses would not be doing so well.

  2. I can’t say I agree about the beautiful aspect. Another weird looking glass thing. Cold, corporate looking building would be my verdict. I don’t know who would want to live in a building that looks like an office tower (or more specifically, this looks like a tall office tower smushed into a small office below it). Looks like something for Toronto’s waterfront (ie: hideous).

  3. It does look like an office tower! It certainly does not look like a cozy place to live, but for some reason I like looking at buildings with this style from the ground, maybe because they are so different from what I’m used to seeing. Luckily not all of us appreciate beauty in the same way! Cause if we did, Montreal wouldn’t be eclectic, so it wouldn’t be Montreal.

    But then again my taste in architecture is extremely broad. Toronto’s waterfront architecture looks to me a lot cheaper than what this tower promises.

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