The Sunday Building Project – Now emerging from hibernation!

Despite the (contested, but maintained, in this humble opinion) mildness of the winter, the arrival of a first wave of sun-basking weather is still universally relieving and adulated, bringing upon the city a reign of vitamin D-riddled joy and leg-baring mischief. Picnics are thrown until the night chill chases them along, children vacillate up and down alleyways scootering, screaming, and bearing toy weapons, patios are tentatively opened, and the bike population quintuples. It has been a wonderful week of weather, and fine treat at that. But at the risk of sounding ominously antiquarian, April showers bring May flowers – so hold on to your sou’westers and your mackintoshes – this may have been the supplication before the storm.


  1. Yay! You’re back. So happy to see you here again :)

  2. You always bring a ray of sunshine into my day Lauren : D

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